The 3 reasons why you're not losing that stubborn belly fat...

Training regularly but still not shifting that unwanted weight? let's have a look why your workout probably isn't enough....

1. Your workout alone isn't enough

If you're serious about losing that stubborn bit of belly fat that hangs around like a bad smell then you must do more than simply focus on your workout.  

Nail your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) that's movement taken into account for all the daily activities you do like walking to the bus stop or walking from the fridge to the couch......and then back to the fridge again.

For every 1000 steps you'll burn close to 50 calories.  Start small, aim for 5000 steps a day and that's 1750 calories a week (a fitbit is a must for monitoring your steps) 10,000 steps and that's 3500 calories a week-that's one pound a week simply from walking!

2. Your portion sizes are waaaaaaay off

If you have no idea how much you should be eating at each meal, the image above explains it perfectly.

Your hands were made for more than simply picking up Pringles and Skittles after all, how convenient. 

3. You're not eating enough Protein

Making this small change can lead to huge results when it comes to your weight loss goals.  I tell all my clients to follow the 30/30 rule.

That's to aim to have 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking.  The core of your diet should be based around single ingredient wholesome foods-if it wasn't pulled from the ground or killed (sorry vegans) then there's a good chance it should be omitted from your diet.

It's that simple, aim for a fistful of protein with every meal and you're on the right track.

Just remember; above all else you must be patient.  Fat loss takes time and consistency, don't be disconcerted if it's a slow process.  Start with something as small as increasing your step count each day, it's the little habits that make the big difference.

 If there's anything you're struggling with feel free to drop me a message and I'll get back to you :)

Mathew Lewis-Carter