"SUPERFOODS" that are hampering your FAT LOSS GOALS

Now before anyone starts throwing any abuse my way I just want to make clear that I am not demonising almonds and avocados.  Pause, breath and read the rest of the article before you start bashing at your keyboard (feel free to bash my way upon completion)

In fact I don't demonise any foods.  All foods have a purpose even if they are deemed "Good and Bad"

The purpose of this blog post is to simply make you more aware of the high amount of calories that come with some of these "superfoods" 

Superfood: A nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being

It's a fantastic concept isn't it?! throw some chia seeds on your porridge and you've got a superfood, throw in the words antioxidants and fat free and you're probably going to be able to spread wings and fly.

In fact a 2014 survey conducted by Youguv for Bupa reported that "61% of British people reported buying foods because they were superfoods" link is at the bottom.

But what if these superfoods are actually high in calories and are preventing you from getting back into your old jeans, you would want to know about it surely? 

100g Almonds: 587 calories

200g Avocado: 327 calories

There are 229 calories in a snickers bar.  Again I'm only highlighting overall calories! of course a snickers isn't brimming with essential nutrients like your avocado.  But if your goal is FAT LOSS you need to be aware of calories.  

The table below shows the importance of your diet when improving body composition is your goal.  Take a look.

Next time you've got a handful of nuts in your hand (almonds, cashews come on guys)

Take note of the calorie content.  3 packs of the 50g tubs from tesco and you're going to be consuming close to 900 calories (ladies that's nearly half your daily intake)

I'm not condemning any of these foods.  I just want you to take note of what you're eating and read the food labels of what you're consuming.  Read the labels thoroughly, they can be crafty buggers and can often be misleading.

So next time you hear "superfood" being brandished just keep an eye on the calories hey ;)

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