How do you turn heads without a gym membership?


For some people cramming into a sweat box isn't their idea of a pleasant workout.  

Throw in the guy with the spandex pants and the unnecessary lion roar and you can see why people prefer to train outdoors or in their homes.

In this short blog you're going to get a full home/outdoor workout along with links to some handy pieces of kit.

I'm all for resistance training rather than dragging yourself on a treadmill for 45 minutes.  The science is proven- muscle is what gives your body that athletic look most crave (most not all) 

First and foremost resistance is resistance, be that from a dumbbell your bodyweight or a rock.  So don't ever feel you have to only train in a gym.

Resistance is what your muscles contract against when overcoming gravity.  When performing a press up you're forced to push against gravity, which surprise surprise creates resistance. 

Instead of lugging around a set of dumbbells with you to the park here are your alternatives.

Be sure to focus on different muscle groups, this prevents lagging body parts and is much more aesthetically pleasing.  

If you sit at a desk all day there's a good chance your shoulders will slouch forward, add in exercises that focus on pulling to balance any issues (shoot me a message if you need some) you'll sort that slouch in no time.

Your Equipment



Repeat this circuit 4 times with 60 seconds rest after each round, take 2 minutes if you haven't exercised for a while or if you start to struggle.  

As you get stronger start timing the workout and see if you can get right through with as little rest as possible (search youtube if you're not sure on exercises) 

Push Ups: 10-15

Squats: 20

Chair tricep dips: 15

Bulgarian Split Squat: 10 each side

Resistance band military press: 10 reps

Reverse Lunges: 10 each side

Resistance Band Bicep Curl

When this starts to get easier look to add more reps or cut your recovery time down.  Start challenging yourself.

As always massive Kudos to anyone who subscribes and shares this with people who need it.  For every share I salute you.
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