What's mind muscle connection and how will it help you pack on muscle and see better results in your training?

Next time you're in the gym have a look at the people you would classify as "in shape" or perhaps someone with a physique that you aspire to have.

Now have a look if they're throwing the weights around and not really thinking about what they're doing?

Hmmmmm probably not. 

Most people go through the same motion set after set, not really thinking about what they're doing.  

Mind starts to wonder.......maybe think about what's for dinner or perhaps how one of Joe Wicks 600 calorie breakfasts will get them lean (550 calories in a 6 inch meatball sub.......just saying ;) If you're in a caloric surplus you'll get fat "healthy" foods or not, but that's for another day.

Ever wonder why bodybuilders tense and pose in-between sets? contracting the muscle allows for more blood flow to that area.

So how does posing and muscle contractions help you pack on muscle?

When you know how to contract the the muscles you're working efficiently, the focus is placed purely on that working muscle.

Next time you're training think about squeezing and really engaging the muscle you're working.

If you don't feel your abs burning after doing leg raises shift your focus purely to your abs.

Take out the momentum and focus purely on the contraction of your abdominals.

Same goes for your biceps, Arnie used to picture mountainous peaks while training his biceps.

When you're squatting imagine you've just had the worlds hottest curry and you can't get to the toilet!

Maybe not a pleasant image but you'll sure as hell squeeze your glutes! (just don't do the face in the gym)

This applies to every exercise you do! are you really working the muscle or just going through the same motion time after time and not seeing any results? 

Food for thought.  Use this in your training and you'll see a world of difference. 




Mathew Lewis-Carter