This Information Will Save A Life!


What makes a post engaging? what makes you want to read on and not go back to scrolling through photos of kittens/kale and booty workouts? it's simple........a story.  People love a story. 
So as it's "World Diabetes Day" I thought i'd tell you a quick one.  

I know I bark on about diabetes more than a protein world poster telling you you look like a sack of crap but the information you get from this (of course will be hilarious) might just save someones life.  

Your brother your sister your daughter your son, information that will keep them safe.  So read on it will take less than 2 minutes! 


My brother has been diabetic since he could barely string a sentence together (he struggles with that now) I've always known and been aware of the "condition" I don't like to call it a disease.  I control my diabetes it doesn't control me. 

There has always been test strips, needles, lancets and hair dye in the house (it always comes back bloody ginger) so I've never known anything different.

One day we were bickering around the kitchen table.  And for some ungodly reason my brother squirted his injection at me.  Insulin smells like a hospital full of old people that haven't had their arses wiped all month incase you're wondering. 


And in my "Rebel Without A Cause" annoyance I uttered 12 words that will stay with me for the rest of my life......

"Don't spray your insulin at me, I can produce my own thanks" shortly after I was flown back to the U.K and I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Karma, what a bitch right?

I'd seen my brother prick his fingers, inject himself, go for blood tests, go to the hospital to get his feet checked (they still stink) I'd seen him fall down the stairs when his sugar levels crashed, I'd seen him get on with it at school when most kids couldn't even tie their shoelaces yet.

And do you know what? he's never complained.  He's always got on with it.  And because of that I've always got on with mine.

Our flat always has lucozade in the fridge incase one of us go low.  You can tell if one of us has gone low during the night as there will be a packet of weetabix on the counter with a bowl containing a dribble of milk and half a kilo of sugar. 


Cool story bro! I know right? 

What if we all used that "getting on with it" mentality a little bit more? are there bigger obstacles in mine or my brothers or any other diabetics life than our diabetes? of course there bloody is.

We all have our own battles.  What we see on the outside sometimes paints a very different picture to how we feel on the inside.  

happy sad.jpg

Social media has the power to bring so many people together and discuss issues that were once frowned upon.  As I am writing this I got a message from someone in Bosnia and Herzegovina saying that a group of them had made an event where people can come and test their blood sugar levels and see if they're ok.  How AMAZING is that?!  

We all have the ability to share that voice and use it to make someone feel better about themselves.  To make someone smile rather than frown.  To empower them rather than making them feel powerless.  You get my drift "bro" 

Just before I leave you (don't worry i'll be back each week from now on) look out for THE FOUR T'S for Diabetes and you might just save someone's life.......

southpark .jpg


If you notice the four t's or one is very prevalent act quickly and get that person to the hospital ASAP.

To all my diabetics, non diabetics and everything in-between keep being great :) 

Please share and forward! you might just save a life! 

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