What the hell should I be eating AFTER A WORKOUT?

When it comes to nutrition there is so much information out there it can get a bit overwhelming.  It can be more confusing than Bruce, sorry Caitlyn Jenner's sexuality.  You just don't know where to start.

You've just busted a gut in your spin class, on the treadmill or in the weights room.  Now is the perfect time to recover and grow.  Your body is literally screaming for nutrients after an intense workout.

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a good understanding about the best way to refuel yourself after a workout? and even better a picture! a picture so simple even Joey Essex could follow? well you're in luck :)

Ok no science, this is the most simple breakdown I could think of.

Intense sweat pouring workout=muscles depleted

These depleted muscles are anxiously waiting to be repaired

Consuming the right nutrients (food) will speed up this process

Even Mr Essex himself should be able to follow that.

Check out the image below.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 18.34.14.png

Now these aren't set in stone! everybody has different preferences but the foundations here are what are most important (personally i'd like to see the carb section a bit bigger) Heck if everyone ate like this 80% of the time we'd be laughing in the face of obesity!

After your workouts your body is most sensitive to nutrients.  Tailor more of your calories around your post workout meals (don't sweat about it too much if you don't eat straight away) sorry broscience! 

If you need some meal options try these:

Total Fage yogurt and berries

Chicken and roasted veg

Salmon and potato 

Protein shake with a banana or apple

I hope that helps, any questions shoot me across a message and i'll get back to you :)

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Kudos :)

Mathew Lewis-Carter