The number 1 fitness myth?!?


Warning: this blog posts contains a hell of a lot of quotation marks.

Now believe me there are a lot of fitness myths out there, but there is 1 in particular that really grinds my gears. 

Lots of women still think if you pick up a dumbbell your testosterone levels are going to go through the roof and somehow you'll become "bulky" (face palm) guys can equally as guilty!

Here is why you kindly need to give the middle finger to the "light weights make you toned" crew


"To get toned all I need to do is pick really light weights and do high reps right?" wrong.

I've even heard a few "celebrity" PT's (cough) say this as well.  When people say "toned" what they really mean is they want muscle.  

Muscle is what gives the body that athletic streamlined look the majority of us crave.

Unfortunately the media has a big part to play in this nonsense.  Muscles don't simply get "firm" or decide to "tone" they either grow or they shrink.

For muscle to grow it needs to be put under stress, that means throwing around your 2/3kg dumbbells aren't going to do much (unless you fancy going to fatigue with 3/400 reps)


For muscle to grow generally speaking training between 8-12 reps normally does the trick.  It's important that you're working as close to failure as possible. 

Just remember the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn at rest which means you can eat more food!! (you'll also look better in your pants/no pants)

So instead of jumping on the treadmill for 30 minutes include strength training in your programme, this is a far better solution to long term fat loss goals.  You'll also look better for it.

Each time you train if you're working to failure your body will adapt to the stress and recovery will be quicker, your body will become much more efficient.  Oh and did I mention it will look bloody great?!

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