Why Eating Organic Is Pretty Pointless....

We've got a few reasons that we use when we justify buying organic

"We're helping out the environment"

"It's much more humane"

But hold on a minute, is it actually healthier? well no, not really...

The prices are high and we justify paying these astronomical prices because organic is deemed "HEALTHIER"

A study from Stanford University in 2012 led by Dr. Dena Bravata found:

"When it came to nutrition and vitamins, organic and conventional were a toss-up, for nutritional value there isn't much difference"

Two things happened shortly after the study came out

1. The Media lost their mind and ran all sorts of headlines saying how "ORGANIC FOOD IS NOT HEALTHIER THAN CONVENTIONAL FOOD"

2. The overpriced Organic defenders hit back pointing out that the study showed to have a lower level of pesticide in their food in comparison to conventional food.

If you're going to eat the skin then perhaps consider buying organic.

But if you can strip away the skin and can peel it, then you're going to take off most of the residue anyway so it's probably not worth paying the higher prices.

A few foods to bare in mind when buying organic and overspending ;)

Apple:  Ninety-two percent of the apples tested by the EWG were positive for pesticide residues—and 72% of those had more than one type of bug-killer on their peel.

Peanut Butter: Chemicals tend to concentrate in oils—one reason residues from up to 28 different pest-killers have been found in peanut butter.

Strawberries:  Bugs love supersweet fruits, so it's no wonder that random F.D.A. tests found trace amounts of 38 different kinds of pesticides on these luscious, soft-skinned treats.

And not so much......

Milk: Any residue from cattle feed ends up in milk fat, which gets removed if you drink low-fat or skim. And, contrary to popular belief, all milk—organic or not—is free of antibiotics.

Yogurt: Like milk, any trace amounts of residue in yogurt would come from the fruit mixed in, not the yogurt itself.

So next time you're in the shops think twice about emptying your pockets in the organic aisle, you could save yourself a small fortune.

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