Are your weekends doing you more harm than good?

The weekend is here and it's time to kick back before Monday comes back around and slaps us in the face again.

A few drinks after work, a takeaway on the way home, a greasy spoon the next morning (I love a greasy spoon)

It's the 6 nations so you're probably going to be consuming more alcohol in the afternoon along with regular snacks and bigger portions of food, but it's the weekend you deserve it right??

Of course, life is all about balance.  But there's no balance involved if you're consuming more calories than you need, and then simply sitting around most of the weekend.

 If you're compensating with exercise then great but unfortunately most people aren't.

You can easily be putting away an additional 2-3000 calories on the weekend without even noticing.  "I'm good Monday to Friday and then enjoy my weekends" enjoy your weekends, but monitor them.  It's far too easy to undo all the hard work you've done during the week with a few big meals and jars of ale.


These low carb alternatives have been a game changer for me! I urge you to try them out, that 300g bag of butternut squash crinkle chips contains just 142 calories!! (although don't just binge on them as you'll over do it on sugar)

Pop them in the oven, add a dash of oil and sea salt and you've got the perfect low calorie snack.

To put it into perspective 300g of deep fried chips contains 957 calories! 

Apply these small changes and your waist line will be eternally grateful! 

Mathew Lewis-CarterComment