The 3 Golden Rules For Your Abs To Show

We're edging towards summer and a lot of us are probably thinking about how we're going to look in our summer wardrobe.  Now is a great time to put in the work and feel confident on the beach and maybe turn a few heads in the process.

Now as easy as some of these guys and girls on fitness magazines make it look, getting your abs to show underneath that mesh of body fat is bloody hard work.  However, it is very doable with consistency.

It demands dedication, discipline in your diet and training and lastly it takes time.  A lot of it.

And that's where people tend to fail.  Don't see anything in 2/3 weeks? People fall off the wagon.

In a society that demands instant results with "2 minute ROCK SOLID ABS" along with zapper machines and god knows else what.  Most people lack the patience and consistency to get there.

But if you did have that patience, and you were consistent with your nutrition what 3 things could you do to get you there?

Lets have a look, you've come this far you may as well find out:

Cardio has it's place don't get me wrong.  But for those abs to be visible our body fat has to be sitting around 12% and below.  

The more muscle we have the more fat and calories we burn over 24 hours.  
This is why following a strength programme is so important for fat loss.

Using basic compound exercises like deadlifts and squats activate your core so don't feel like you need to train your abs every day to see results.  Just like any other muscle it needs time to recover.

The less fat we have the more visible our abs will be, it's that simple.

2. 1001, 1002-STOP DOING SO MANY REPS!
Who has seen that guy or gal lying on the gym floor aimlessely throwing themselves up and down doing crunch after crunch? looking like their spine is about to split in two.

Abs need to be stimulated just like any other muscle group......would you do 1000 bicep curls? (Ron Burgundy being the exception) I think not.

Look to vary the rep ranges you use each time. 8-12, 10-15 and so on.  For a muscle to grow we must use progressive overload, always look to lift a little more weight or go for another rep.

To get those abs to grow we must treat them like any other muscle.  Focus on the muscle being worked, exhale on every contraction and watch them grow!

Rome wasn't built in a day and unfortunately your abs won't be popping in a day either.  Consistency is key.  

This is why diet is so crucial.  Figure out how many calories you need daily.

A simple method is to multiply your weight in pounds by 12-16.  So for me:

200lb x 14=2800 calories a day.

To create a deficit (weight loss) subtract 20%, no more to start with most people don't notice a 20% deficit in their diet.

Ladies simply do the same but multiply your weight in pounds by 10-14.  Again this is just a good way to estimate your calories, always go higher that way you have plenty to work with if you need to reduce your daily intake.

Once you know this figure you can adjust accordingly.  Apps like my fitness pal are great for getting to grips with your caloric intake. 

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