Sugar is as addictive as cocaine!


"SUGAR IS THE DEVIL" A London "Celebrity PT"

"SUGAR IS NOT ONLY A DRUG BUT A POISON TOO" DR David Douchebag-Huffington Post

Lets clear this up once and for all as it's beginning to get ridiculous.  When was the last time you rolled up a bank note and put sugar up your nose? or sat there spooning it from a jar?

Something that really grinds my gears is scaremongering and the demonising of foods.  All foods have a purpose be they "good" or "bad"  Comparing sugar to crack cocaine?!? really?? CRACK COCAINE!!

Anyone see Trainspotting 2 where he was injecting maple syrup inbetween his toes? bloody addictive that maple syrup is.

"Professionals" in these positions need to be using their titles more sensibly.  Scaring people away from foods tends to cause a vicious cycle.  Restriction 9/10 will always lead to overeating which leads to feelings of guilt and even depression.

We are forever being told that it's sugar that is the cause of the obesity crisis.  We need sugar to produce energy.  Carbs in it's simplest form? yep sugar.  

To claim that sugar is toxic without any mention of dose is madness.  Of course too much sugar will have pejorative affects, just like overeating fats and carbs will.

Our weight loss expert from the daily fail is claiming that sugars light up the same pleasure censors in the brain as drugs do.  These are the same pleasure censors that fire up when you have sex or when you're laughing hysterically.....

If this is the case then surely laughter and sex must be toxic too right?! hmmm I'll pass on that one.


Too much of anything will have negative affects but if you train hard, monitor your food portions and move as much as possible there is no reason what so ever why you should restrict yourself of anything. 

Oh and please don't inject maple syrup into your toes that didn't happen!

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