4 Tips To Make Your Hangover A Distant Memory

A bit of sun and we Brits start to lose it don't we? the sun is out let's have a few drinks.

5 hours later you're stumbling back in with kebab falling from your mouth and you've lost your underwear (is that just me?)

Lucky for you I've got 4 Golden tips that are going to make those hangovers a thing of the past.

Tactically adapt these and you won't be crying into your pillow the next day whilst picking out remnants of Mcdonalds from your hair (again is this just me?)

1. If you know you're going to have a heavy drinking session in the evening focus on protein based meals through out the day.  This way you will have saved plenty of your calories for the evening.  Damage limitation is key :)

2. Keep a glass of water close by.  For every drink you have do your best to have a glass of water in-between.  This way you'll be less drunk, you'll do less foolish things and the hangover will be manageable the next day.

3. Be weary of mixers!!! people often go for spirits as you're saving calories which is always the better option especially if weight loss is your goal.  However mixers contain a significant amount of calories so be vigilante! Gin and slim line tonic is an easy option.

4. Disguise your drink.  We've all been there, you only went out for one but your friends won't have any of it.  You cave into the pressures of social drinking.  Instead of going all out simply start on clear liquids, this way you can ask the bartender to just add soda to your drink when you feel the urge to do a handstand on the bar (come on everyone does that right?)

That's not so hard is it? start applying these tips at once.  If you're struggling to lose weight or you're not seeing any advancement in your training a heavy drinking session a couple of times a week won't be doing you any favours.  Stay smart, use the 4 tips :)

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