Is group training holding you back?

"Mat what are you saying?! you take group training classes you fool!!" yes I do, and I am fortunate enough to work with a company that knows the importance of strength training for progression.

One of the reasons I started working at UN1T was because of their training ethos (oh and the tubs of almond butter that are always hanging around) one thing that will always remain at the centre of the fitness industry is the importance of strength training.

Kobox, Barry's, Another Space the list goes on.  Although all fantastic training facilities their style of training is all pretty similar.  

We'll get you in, knock the crap out of you for 45 minutes, then once you are back on your feet and breathing you'll come back.  

Because the only way to train is to make sure you're seeing stars right? well actually no, I worked with a member of team GB recently who trained 4 days a week.  Her coach placed a huge emphasis on recovery.

Don't get me wrong I like really testing myself a couple of times a week it's important to.  "Do I take the pink underwear or the turquoise?" big decisions.

  But do you think I gained muscle mass from doing burpees and mountain climbers? 

If that's all you do then there is only so far your physique will go.  If you're happy with that then that's great! I'm just trying to raise awareness as to what is achievable. 

If these classes make you accountable and you love their training styles then great! do what makes you happy and what you can commit to. 

BUT and here's the kicker, if that's the only style of training you do and you expect to look like that fitness star with a million followers from a Barry's class then it's not going to happen.

Why do you think these fitness stars on social media have such large followings? 9/10 will have strength training as part of their programme.  Want to be faster? get stronger! want to jump higher? get stronger!

What gives the body tone and structure? MUSCLE MUSCLE MUSCLE- if you're not incorporating strength training into your schedule then there is only so much those heart pounding cardio classes can do to your body composition. 

Every month there will be a new craze or type of workout to come from the fitness industry.  One thing however will always be at the very heart of it.  Strength and conditioning.

Do what makes you happy and what you can stick to, just be aware of what's achievable if all you're doing is burpees next to a treadmill 5 times a week.

Just to be clear before all shots are fired at me, I am not demonising these types of classes.  I've done plenty of them and they're brutal! I'm just trying to raise some awareness as to what's achievable.

Now I'm going to duck behind my sofa for the verbal abuse about to come my way.