The Fitness Industry Is Lying To You.....

"HIIT training creates an after burn effect so you're still burning calories way after your session has finished" excuse me whilst I take my hand to my mouth and replicate a farting noise.

I heard that line from one of those Instagram fitness stars.  You know the ones that aren't qualified as PT's and have "protein world" bottles hanging out of their pants.......yeh that type (shot's firing all over the shop today)

Don't worry I've got more, here's one from the "insanity" worshippers out there (cool name btw, must be mental to try one of those workouts)

"An Insanity workout also makes use of the After-burn effect" what they'll do is throw words at you like "anaerobic" "1000 calories a session" and my favourite "push yourself until you crap the bed" I made that one up but you get the point.

So Mat what's your point? that after burn effect is so minor, it's really not worth chasing.  If you think you're burning endless calories after your "HIIT" session then you're very much mistaken.

You get the most bang for your buck for the energy you expend during your session, not afterwards.  

So if you're sat on the couch cramming ice cream down your throat because the magical "after burn" will do it's thing then stop, just stop it doesn't work like that.

The after burn compromises a mere 6-15% of the calories you expend during your workout.  So for a 250 calorie session your after burn will be anywhere between 15-38 calories.....

"For every thousand calories you burn in this class you'll go on to burn an additional 500 calories after the class" that would give you an "after burn" of 50%!!!! no study has ever shown numbers like that!!! 6-15% if you're lucky kid.

It's pure marketing hype.  So next time Mr Wicks is telling your gran that she'll be burning calories for 48 hours after her session of burpees, tell her it's all a marketing ploy ;)

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