3 reasons why Instagram is fooling you!!


With the recent surge of fitness and HIIT workouts coming out of Instagram people are worryingly buying into these workouts without looking at the bigger picture. 

If you think that girl with 500,000 followers got those glutes by step ups on a park bench or by donkey kicking thin air day after day you need to open your eyes.  

Open them you fool it's not real!!!

Sorry to any "air donkey kickers" out there (sorry/not sorry)

1. These girls/guys also follow a resistance training programme.  Cardio has it's benefits of course, but don't overlook resistance training.  Muscle is what gives the body tone and structure.  If you want to sag then by all means avoid resistance training ;) look at it as always having a floppy........well you know.

2. They know what numbers they should be hitting daily in regards to their protein, fats and carbs. The majority of people don't know how to hit these numbers.  

They see girls and guys doing burpees, backflips, reverse cycle kick crunches and god knows what else and believe it will work for them (that last exercise isn't real btw-sounds cool though)

3. Generally these Instagram "fitness" stars will be trying to drive traffic in some way to a product they're trying to sell.  Be wary.  People seem to be going crazy for these workouts and think that's all people have to do to get "lean in 15" it couldn't be further from the truth.

Take everything you see on Instagram with a pinch of salt.  

There's plenty of fantastic trainers on social media who you can learn so much from for free but be wary of the ones with protein bottles hanging out of their pants, sorry/not sorry.

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Mathew Lewis-Carter