The Biggest Fitness Myth For Ladies That Needs To Die.......And Fast

For the first time since I started writing these blogs I had writers block! I started typing, I deleted, I typed, I deleted.  

For 10 minutes I did that thing where guys sit on the couch staring into deep space with their hands in their pants........

Why was I getting so frustrated at breaking down all these myths? then it hit me.  Potential information overload.  

Guys we seriously have it easy in comparison to what ladies have to go through.  Although a kick to the giblets is pretty close to what child birth must feel like.

One fitness myth is easy, I could potentially do 50! But there was one in particular that really stuck with me that no one ever seems to address.... 

Yes I could drone on about that "high reps for toning" tripe and that protein shakes will make you "bulk" out of your overpriced leggings but there's one topic in particular that needs to be addressed and it's this.......

"Women always look perfect in the gym" 

If I was a woman (haha "if") I'd take comfort in knowing that the gym or spin studio or yoga class I was about to visit didn't look like the set of Baywatch.  And you know what? they really bloody don't!

This is a man making a connection with his feminine side, shock horror.  But I can understand where these insecurities come from! 

You see these girls training in their pants, whilst posting so many v-sign selfies that they could be mistaken for a Japanese tourist. 

Heck I'd feel insecure if that's all I saw on my social media feed all day.  But you know what?  

It's not real, none of it! 

90% of these girls look for perfect lighting to show off their physiques. 

"Oops the camera fell on my peach by accident" 

(these girls love a peach don't they) don't get caught up by it.  The shots are rarely real, there is probably more work setting up their peach shot then the workouts themselves.

For an industry that is supposed to be focused on health and fitness and bettering yourself on the outside as well as on the inside we're far too tied up on being a bloody fashion show.

Who cares what you look like when you train.  I look like a drowned orangutan at the end of my sessions and I couldn't care less.

You should exercise because of the way it makes you feel! Strong, powerful and more confident.  Don't get sidetracked by those girls getting the likes for that perfect squat.

If you're squatting properly your face should resemble something similar to child birth.....give or take.

Girls you look bloody great when you sweat and give it your all.  Embrace it! don't get caught up in what's real and what's fake.

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