Will lifting weights and drinking shakes make girls bulky?

There's been a turning point in the fitness industry, no longer are women being confined to the cardio section.  

Have a scroll through Instagram and you'll see for yourself the style of training the girls at the "top of their game" are doing.

Will lifting weights make you bulky? Sure.  If you're eating like a horse, training as often as Caitlyn Jenner is attaching/reattaching his/her giblets and also taking things you shouldn't, then sure there's a chance you'll get "bulky" 

For 99% of girls this isn't going to happen.  As far as shakes go........

The giveaway is in the name "supplement" shakes are there to supplement your diet.  For convenience, shakes are great however your focus should be on wholesome single ingredients.

Should girls be training the same as guys? absolutely! 2/3 heavy sessions a week along with high intensity interval training and you can say goodbye to the treadmill.

Next time you fear you're going to get "bulky" I want you to do one thing.  

Have a look around the free weights area of your gym and take a look at the guys that are in there day in day out struggling to put on size.  Just remember that.......whilst they're annoyingly asking you if you need a spot or if you know what you're doing.  Douchebags.

The truth of the matter is, when women lift weights and combine this with a well balanced diet, high intensity interval training and a bit of cardio they look INCREDIBLE.
Exactly the same as guys.

Lets take a look at 3 reasons why strength training will make you look incredible

  • Strength training will burn more fat and build muscle which will increase your metabolism.  People throw this word around all the time as it obviously means they know what they're talking about ;) In a nutshell it's the process in which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. Either to use straight away or later on.  

Everything you do requires energy, yes putting that doughnut down requires energy.  So if your metabolism is higher you will burn more calories at rest. Win win.

  • You're going to reduce your risk of injury and osteoporosis (bones become brittle) which unfortunately is more common in women as their bones tend to be smaller and thinner.  So as women reach menopause the likely hood of developing it is greater-BUT you can combat this with strength training :)
  • You will "tone" up (god I hate that term) yes your cardio might burn more calories in a single session but in order to get toned, tight and firm muscles strength training should be your priority.

And remember training is just one part of the puzzle in order to maximise results you need to be aware of what's going in your body.

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