You will never find happiness in this....

Has this ever happened to you.....

You've had a great week of exercise, you've been eating well and you feel like Beyonce! Come on guys we all want to feel like just me? let's move on..........

And then in a flash all of that disappears.  You step on the scales, or you measure your thighs and the numbers haven't moved, or even worse they've gone up!!

Yes the scales have a place but if you spend day after day hopping on and off you're never going to find happiness.  

Why would you let your mindset be dictated by a number on a machine or a measuring tape?  let me tell you a few things about these judgmental little buggers.....

Your weight can fluctuate massively through out the day.  You've probably heard "muscle weighs more than fat" where muscle and fat differ is there density.  

Scales cannot tell the difference between muscle and fat.  The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn through out the day.  That's what you want! so stop defining yourself by what a machine is telling you.

For the ladies your hormones can play a huge role in seeing those numbers fluctuate on a regular basis.  

Studies* have shown that women hit a peak day of fluid retention at the start of their menstrual cycle, with some women retaining fluids the days leading up to their cycle............better you didn't think I'd be talking about menstrual cycles did you?

So if you're near that special time of the month I wouldn't pay too much attention to what the scales are saying.

What's really important is that your goals are both realistic and maintainable.  If you are constantly striving for "fat loss" you will never be happy, you will always want a lower number or an inch less.  What happens when you hit that weight mark? do you go lower again? 

Don't obsess over a number that tells you so little about your body composition.

When you're sleeping well, exercising regularly and eating right you'll notice that those scales will start to get dusty and you'll put them away.  Happiness for me is about balance, stop dictating who you are by a bloody number on a machine, you'll smile a lot more................just like this little guy!

*[1] Fluid Retention over the Menstrual Cycle: 1-Year Data from the Prospective Ovulation Cohort:
Mathew Lewis-Carter