This went up my a*s.......


Detox diets actually work.............

At teaching you nothing, stripping you of your hard earned cash and turning your body into a swiggling jiggling (yes that is the technical term) container of mushed up kale, broccoli and god knows what other overpriced green swill of mush you can throw into your nutribullet for a month.

But hey your girl on Instagram or Betty next door lost 3 inches off her waist so it must be the right thing to do right?!

Well fitness industry you've done it again.  You make people who really don't know any better buy sh*t they really don't need.  But you're turning over a tidy profit whilst succumbing the general population to your nonsensical tripe right?

Well not here.  Want to know the truth behind detox's and why they're another myth pushed out of the industries tanned, toned derriere? here you go my loyal followers.....

Just like "Superfoods" "Detox" is another buzzword created to lull you into a false sense of security of needing something you don't need.  What is a detox?

So APPARENTLY we need to clear "toxic waste" from our body to keep healthy.........

Hhhhmmm so our body, the very shell we live and breath in creates harmful toxins that need to be cleared out by Gwyneth Paltrow's £300 camel shit detox does it? 

Come on give me a break!! 

The concept of detoxes are both unscientific and totally irrational.  Of course you're going to lose significant weight on a detox, you've just dramatically reduced your caloric intake.

When you starve yourself your body will start to build up chemicals called ketones.  These can make you feel lightheaded, nauseous and irritable.  Does the sound of that make you want to detox??

And if detoxing through your mouth wasn't bad enough why don't we stick a hose up our ars as well??

If someone told me to detox by sticking a tube up my arse I'd tell them to stick it where the sun doesn't sun (how appropriate) 

Think you're removing toxins? nope you're just removing fecal matter that your body would have dispelled naturally.  Think twice when someone offers to blow 50 to 60 litres of water up your buns.

Here's the best cleanse you'll ever receive........

Exercise, 7-8 hours of sleep and a diet made of up wholesome single ingredient foods.  Detox's are marketing myths rather than science based reality.  Think twice before you spend your hard earned cash on more crap you really don't need.