I dropped 3 inches from my waist after taking this....

"Girl did you see what happened to Jenny's butt after she took those fat burners??"

Oh I see, so it's the fat burners that gave Jenny those glutes. And it's the carb blockers that gave her those abs that look like they could grate cheese.

It's nothing to do with the strength training programme they've been following, or nothing to do with eating wholesome single ingredient foods 80% of the time and not over doing it on the Ben and Jerry's!!

What's obvious to me is that we kind of know what we should be eating. 

We know that we should be eating more veg and greens.  We know that we shouldn't be blasting our way head first through a pack of oreo's like they're going out of fashion (guilty as charged by the way)

But we still do it.  Well the majority do, and I'm part of that but if you find a balance you should never feel guilty for putting your hand (or head in my case) in the cookie jar.

What is a massive problem is the need for urgency.  We live in a society that you get everything at the touch of a button.  Food, holidays, your crap paper.  You press a button and it's there.  We expect results and we expect them quickly.  

The best advice I can ever give anyone on their health and fitness journey is that your progression is going to take time! so have some bloody patience and stop expecting results after a couple of workouts.

Do you really need fat burners, carb blockers, BCAA's and Khloe Kardashian's elephant shaped size "Toning Tablets" 

Seriously?! Toning Tablets! I laughed so hard at these I let a little bit of pee out of my mankini. 

Do you want to know what isn't sexy?

"Taking your time and consistency" try marketing "take your time, you're going to be just great :)" and let me know how you get on with that....

Whilst on the other hand marketing "Get arms just like Jennifer Anniston with this beetle shit detox" is much, much easier.

Here is why people often see results when they start taking supplements.  You spend a weeks wages on products you don't really need so you start to tighten up your training and most importantly your nutrition. 

Just like Jenny at the start, her training and nutrition is on point 8/10 and it's that that brings long term results.

 Anytime you start a new plan or regime you become conscious of what you're eating and how often you exercise.  People tend to think it's that magic pill they've just bought that's doing all the work.

Focus on what food you're putting in your body first and foremost; then look at exercise.  

From there if you're struggling to hit a protein target a whey (or vegan shake, don't worry I got your back vegans) can be handy if you're pushed for time and you're on the go.

Your main focus needs to be on eating wholesome single ingredient foods.  This is the most important part of the puzzle.  

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Khloe, but you can stick your toning tablets up your ars!

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Mathew Lewis-Carter