3 simple ways to get a better night's sleep (booze isn't one)

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Does this sound familiar to you? 

Your training is pretty good.  It can always be better who are we kidding right? we're only human! we'd all rather be watching love island after a long day at work rather than looking like a drenched sloth on the treadmill.

Your diet is pretty on point, except that naughty tub of Ben and Jerry's that you have a sly scoop of when no one is looking (which at the end of the week does add up might I add but that's a different topic entirely) 

Well unfortunately there is more to the puzzle than just your nutrition and training.  Confusing right? 

Well the good news is that it doesn't have to be.  You could be missing out on one simple part of the puzzle.......sleep! 

Your body, grows and adapts when you recover, not in the gym.  It's great that you're beating yourself senseless in the gym and it's great that you're a bit of a tupperware douchebag so everyone knows you're eating "clean" 

But one of the reasons you're not progressing as far as you'd like could well be to do with not counting enough sheep.

We all do it, we get into bed with the intention of going to sleep........but before you know it 3 hours has gone by, you've watched "drunken fails" and googled anything from "ways to stop my girlfriend snoring like a gutted boar" to "Is it normal that I've got a lump on my......."

Here are 3 quick fire ways to help you get a better nights sleep, you'll thank me for it duck :)

1. Hit the "Night Shift" button

The blue light waves from devices such as your phone, tablet or tv make our bodies believe it's day time.  So much so that we now even have a "night shift" button on our phones.  With this setting you can filter out this blue light from your screen at certain times.  Minimise your exposure to blue light an hour before you go to bed.  Just try it for a week and see! 

2. Make your sleeping environment comfortable! 

You should never skimp on your bed or your shoes.......because if you're not in one you're in the other.  You can have that one on me ;) 

If your bedroom is too hot during the night, your body will work to regulate your temperature.  Cooler temperatures are linked to deeper sleep whilst hot environments can increase your wakefulness! 

Make sure your room is cool, quiet and comfy.  Just like this fellas above ^^^

3.Easy on the caffeine 

Now this may sound bloody obvious.  Caffeine can take up to 5 hours to leave your system so avoid downing a hot cup of Ethiopia's finest from the late afternoon onwards.

I know it's easier said than done but just give it a try for a week.  Eliminate caffeine from 16:00 onwards and let's see if you're sleeping like a baby :)

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Mathew Lewis-Carter