The Biggest Secret To Your Fat Loss Goals......

Here is a list of "Secret Fat Loss Weapons" that I have compiled of utter sh*t that comes from some of the biggest liars in the industry...

Yes some of these may make you lose a bit of weight in the short term (probably because they've got you chewing hay for 8 weeks) but nonetheless they will teach you nothing about long term health and sustainability.......

I'll let you know what's been a game changer for my clients regarding fat loss, just keep reading ;) Anyway sh*t from the industry where was I....

  • Detox's- pay out of your arse at Holland and Barrett for a £50 pound mix of green saw dust mix-sure....I'll stick to my liver for that but thanks
  • Hunger Buster Capsules- I don't want to name the company but lets say it's something similar to smotein world, apparently it helps control "snacking" really? come on really!? Want to know what controls my snacking.  My will power.
  • This one is my favourite "TummyTox Capsules" Jesus Christ what next.  This is how they label their product.....

"Do you suffer from bloating and discomfort after eating? 

Chances are you need a detox, or maybe just a little help with your natural digestive processes. Our Tummytox Capsules love your tummy and will help to relieve you of any build up, while helping you to digest your foods for smooth transit"

Good job the tablets "love" your tummy hey.  Chances are you need to try a food elimination diet to get down to the bottom of why you're bloating.  I've attached a link to the bottom to an excellent read on how this works.

Want to know what's stopping your fat loss......It's your NEAT, get on top of this and you'll have your lightbulb moment.

NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) equates for all the activity we do through out the day- all the physical movement that doesn't include your exercise. 

Walking to the fridge, cooking, shopping, chaps fidgeting with your......well you know.  So if you can increase your NEAT you're on to a winner mark my words.

"I workout everyday and eat well 80% of the time but I still can't shift my tummy" does this sound familiar? 

Let's say you're a 160 pound woman and you do 30 minutes on the treadmill 3/4 times a week, you're probably going to be burning 300/350 calories in that time.

Now if you sit at a desk most of the day or on your arse after that workout you can negate that workout in a blink of an eye......stay with me this is super important!

It's easy to point the finger and say "Jenny is lucky she's so thin, I got shafted with the bad genes" we often compare ourselves to others and look for something to blame.

My guess would be that your friend probably has a more active job than you or spends more time away from the desk or sitting on their derriere.  This extra surplus of movement adds up over time! 


  • Hit 10,000 steps a day, for every 1000 steps walked you can burn close to 50 calories-all those steps add up! 
  • Get a morning routine.  It can be as simple as bodyweight squats, and push ups.  Movement, movement, movement.
  • At work- make a conscious effort to get up from your desk and spend 5 minutes walking or stretching
  • Cooking- whip your clothes off and swing your shirt around your don't really have to do that one but you get my drift!  

So instead of looking for a quick fix and popping pills and potions, concentrate on your NEAT and reap the rewards.

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Mathew Lewis-Carter