The truth about weight loss...

A question I often get asked (besides how do you make your hair look so glorious?) is

“What’s better for fat loss, exercise or nutrition??”

I bet you’ve been there. Exercising like a madman and throwing yourself around your living room like a headless chicken to one of Shaun T’s insanity workouts.

Or doing so many spin classes that if you have to sit on a bike seat one more time your arse will shatter.

ouch .jpg

“You can’t out train a bad diet” says every PT and fitness charlatan ever.

Firstly let’s address the terms “exercise” and “dieting” both words tend to carry negative connotations from a psychological standpoint…

A burden.

Tasks we have to complete in order to fit in with what society deems as acceptable.

Or as uncle Phil at the Christmas table says “you look like you’ve put on a bit of timber this year”

Dirty words.

But what if we flipped these words and saw them in a positive light.

Instead of death defying exercise what if we looked at it as your therapy. The time of day that you couldn’t give a toss what Uncle Phil has to say and that you focus simply on yourself.

And instead of “dieting” we look at it as the opportunity to eat fresh wholesome food that your nan would be proud of.


From my personal experience with clients we massively underestimate portion sizes.

Which is perfectly normal. As portion sizes get bigger we naturally underestimate as it’s harder.

Just like you could probably tell me how high your garden shed is but wouldn’t have a scooby how high the Shard is.

Unless you change what you’re eating and more importantly how much of it, you’re not going to see a drastic change in your waist line (unfortunately it will just keep expanding until uncle Phil calls you out)

Diets work because they create a caloric deficit. Be it keto, atkins or (this boils my blood) boombod.

Fuck you Gemma Collins for pushing that on impressionable women (and men) all over the country.

We lie about what we’re eating and can easily underestimate 600/700 calories on a daily basis.


Exercise too can be misinterpreted. We like to tell ourselves that we’ve always done more.

The way we combine certain types of foods has a massive impact on your blood glucose levels.

Rule number one with every meal is to see where your protein is coming from.

The protein in the meal will slow down the digestion and release of useable sugars from the meal considerably.

Keeping you fuller for longer so you keep your fingers out of the cookie jar.

Be conscious of what’s on your plate, you don’t have to take out a loan and shop at wholefoods.

Be honest with yourself, address what’s on your plate first.

From there see exercise as your therapy, your special time of the day. I have two special times of day.

(I’m talking about sitting on the toilet…..obviously)

Until you make exercise and smarter choices part of your lifestyle they will always feel a burden.

Enjoy the process, even if it takes you a bit longer :)


Fuck off uncle Phil.

Mathew Lewis-Carter