The Chang Experience

Immerse yourself in Thai culture, learn how to cook an incredible green chicken curry (from scratch may I add) and drink Chang beer they said……. 

Guess how hard it was to get me along to the multi-sensory experience with Chang Beer UK? I jumped (quite literally at the opportunity) 

I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook a green chicken curry dish from scratch. A dish immersed in flavour and taste that made every sip of Chang Beer taste like it had been brewed by the beer God’s.

IMG_7790 2.JPG

All these meals are cooked for this years Chang Sensory Trails, a multi-sensory experience centered on iconic Thai flavours in partnership with 8 Thai chefs. 

This fusion of food, art and music begins at Last Days of Shoreditch on 12th May followed by a CST on wheels tour in Birmingham (June), Manchester (July) and Edinburgh (August)
This free to enter, un-ticketed event is coming to London on the 12th of May, and aims to deliver ‘the unexpected’ by introducing the world to a modern, refreshing take on Thai food, art and music.

We were greeted by our head chef Nicky (that’s her in the photo) for an experience that eclipsed anything I could have hoped for. With her incredible knowledge (and wicked sense of humour may I add) we were immediately thrown out of the frying pan into the fire, no pun intended. 
We were quickly put to work in the kitchen at Thai Tho; and yes I can now give Nicky a run for her money!

IMG_7794 2.JPG

We crushed, diced and chopped ingredients that gave off an aroma that left us salivating! not only was it an incredible experience to be working alongside such a talented chef (and Nicky) but it was a fantastic experience to be able to immerse ourself in the kitchen of one of London’s best restaurants. 
There really was a story behind every bite! 

Mathew Lewis-Carter