Tone Your Arms In 3 Easy Steps

Haha joking there are no easy steps......BUT! it's not as complicated as everyone makes out.  Firstly let's talk about the term "toned" it's utter nonsense.

Muscles either shrink or grow (hypertrophy or atrophy) it's one or the other! there's no "i'll just tone please" (has there been a more appropriate facepalm?)

Want to know why strength training will be the best thing you'll ever do for your arms? when people say "I want to be toned" what they really mean is they want to add muscle.  

Muscle is what gives the body it's structure, it's athletic prowess and streamlined look.  Best way to get that? strength training, yep.

Here are 3 simple steps you can put into action today, part 3 is an entire workout you can follow! (you're too kind and hilarious Mat) 


Do all the dips, curls and Instagram fancy workouts you like.  If your body fat isn't low enough you won't see the muscle you desperately seek.  It's as simple as that.


Instead of always focusing on what you should be taking out of your diet, what about what you should be putting in? great i've got your attention...

If you're unsure on what you should be eating aim to get more protein, vegetables and omega-3 rich food in.

This food is much more satiating.  And guess what? the more full you are the less likely you are to reach for the cookie jar/freezer of Ben and Jerry's/all the 

Make a conscious effort this week to have a source of protein and a large portion of vegetables with EVERY'll be creating a deficit and you won't even know it.

2. Train Your Shoulders!

But I want to train my arms Mat what have my shoulders got to do with it??

 Cameron (I haven't done anything to my lips I swear!) Diaz is a perfect example of strong defined arms.  But what makes her arms look so strong?

It's the defined cut underneath her shoulder; this is what creates the separation and really makes her arms look like they could snap a mans crown jewels in half. 


3. How To Train Your Shoulders

Your shoulder is divided into 3 sections. Front (anterior) back (posterior) side (medial) 

We tend to overlook the back and side delts so make sure to incorporate these exercises into your routine if you want to bring that separation out.

  • Band Pull Aparts
  • Cable Lateral Raise
  • Bent Over Rear Delt Fly
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise
  • Face Pulls

Add these into your routine and your arms will begin to POP in no time! aim for 3 sets of each exercise working for 10-14 reps (the weight won't be heavy so control it!) 

Unfortunately I can't help with the duck pout but the arms should come along nicely if you follow this!