I believe everyone should invest in a Personal Trainer at some point in their lives.  

I pride myself on giving my clients the knowledge and wisdom to be able to continue their health and fitness journey for years to come. 

I do however understand that having a top body transformation coach one to one isn't cheap.

London rates start at about £70 a session! for many that's beyond reach.

I invest so much into my social media.  I try and post something every day that can be of benefit to someone somewhere.  

I receive countless messages on the best way to train for fat loss.  The best nutrition plan to follow, how to prevent injury, the list is endless.

That's why I put together an affordable Body Transformation plan.

A plan that.....

  • Gives you a clear training plan to follow
  • Education on how to track calories so the process isn't tedious 
  • Instant messaging service with me, yep a PT in your pocket wherever you go!
  • Accountability! the most important factor, I can see when you're checking in for your workouts! (and I can see when you're not ;)

Proof is in the pudding have a look at what my clients have to say.....

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